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Top 10 amazing facts under the sun. Do you know ?

Written by Jamal Ahmad

We have made it for you, to do something different amazing fact under the sun through our website “Anmolpost” and friends, our aim is to increase your knowledge continuously. And today we will tell you some things that hardly you have read somewhere earlier. So let’s know some strange things in the world.

Fact No. 1

According to some information, about 24 lakh e-mails are sent per second on the Internet, about 2.5 lakhs of whatsapp messages are sent, approximately 1 lakh videos are viewed on youtube, 50000 facebook likes, 60000 search is done on google and There are 27,000 GB of traffic on the Internet every second.

Fact No. 2
human brain

A human brain has so much storage capacity that 2.5 petabytes can store data. 1 petabyte has 1024 terabytes and 1 terabyte has 1024 GB. That is, if we make such a big film, then it will be 26,21,440 GB. If we were to watch, we would take more than 300 years to watch the whole movie.

Fact No. 3

Christiaan Bernard
Christiaan Bernard transplanted the first heart in 1967 and the patient was alive for 18 days. Christiaan Barnard “8 November 1922 – 2 September 2001” was a South African cardiac surgeon. His father, Adam Barnard, was a minister in the Dutch Reformed Church.

Fact No. 4

earth's gravity
Friends, in your mind, there is no such thing that why the height of the mountains is not more than 15000 meters. Its main reason is the earth. Yes, due to the earth’s gravity, the height of the mountains is not more than 15000 meters.

Fact No. 5

Alfred Bernhard

Alfred Bernhard Nobel discovered the dynamite in 1866. Alfred Bernhard Nobel was born on October 21, 1833 in Stockholm, Sweden. Alfred Nobel was such a scientist. Who donated the wealth earned by the invention of dynamite to a Trust for human welfare. The Nobel Foundation Trust is awarded the highest honor in the world for his wealth, chemistry, medicine, literature, economics and peace, which is known as the Nobel Peace Prize.

Friends, as you have been told in the above given lines, who are given the Nobel Prize. Wilhelm Röntgen received the first Nobel Prize for Physics because he discovered X-Rays in 1875.

Fact No. 6

Baulstone falls in many countries, but in Bangladesh, there was such a fall that was recorded in history. The biggest ever haulstone (Ola) to date was dropped in Bangladesh in 1986, which was a full kilogram of 1 kg.


Fact No. 7

Telstar Satellite

With the launch of Telstar Satellite, Wireless Communication made a long jump in 1962, it is the first satellite that has been able to broadcast live telephones and television directly.

Fact No. 8

Alexander Graham Bell

You know about Alexander Graham Bell. But we are telling you something that some people probably know. To pay homage to Alexander Graham Bell on the day of his death, the telephone line for the entire US in 1 minute was closed.

Fact No. 9

Sahara desert
Many people are passionate about traveling in the desert, but do you know which is the biggest desert in the world? Sahara desert is the world’s largest desert which is 3500,000 sq. Spreads in miles.


Fact No. 10

Everyone knows only how important water is for us, but you also know this. If our body lacks 1% water, then we feel thirsty. And if this deficiency increases by 10%, then we die.

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