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Top 10 Amazing news of Champions League. Do you know guys?

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Real Madrid has been one of the most successful clubs in the Spanish history. As they have won the trophy more than any European club. As the Real Madrid has won the league title more than 10 times in which they have won the title continuously five times since 1956.

Champions League

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Did you know that UEFA champions league started not as “European Cup” even though it was formed a month after the first UEFA Congress on March 2, 1955, which was held in Vienna, Austria? Only the teams who have the most appeal to their fans in their home country were invited to participate in the tournament.

Champions League

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The Juventus has been the most unlucky team in the tournament. As the club has been runner-up for most of the times in the league. The team has came second in the competition in 1972-73,1982-83,1996-97,1997 – 98,2002-03 and in 2014-2015. As the luck wasn’t there with the club in winning the champions league title.

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The champion league is one of the biggest football league on the planet. As there is a qualification followed by the referee to participate in the champions league. The referees have been appointed on their previous performance as well as their fitness level. As no referee would be appointed to a match in which feature a team from the referee home nationality nor they can be over 45 years.

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The UEFA Champions League was established in 1955, but the current format has been around since 1992. It was formally known as the European Champion Clubs’ Cup.


Spanish football clubs have won the most match in Europe with 14 times. Italy and England come in second with these two countries winning the Champions League a total of 12 times each. Germany has a win of 7.

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Lionel Messi of Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid are joint all-time top scorers of the Champions League with 77 goals each. Messi can add to his tally as his team is expected to play in the final against Juventus in Berlin.


Lionel Messi scored the maximum number of hattricks in the Champions League with 5. Luiz Adriano of Shakhtar Donetsk is the first player to ever score back-to-back hattricks in the Champions League.

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It took AC Milan’s Paolo Maldini, 47, less time than it takes to microwave a bag of popcorn to score the fastest Champions League final goal in history, according to Guinness World Record.
In the 2005 match against Liverpool, Paolo drew first blood just 52 seconds into the game. Liverpool would ultimately win the 3-3 tie via a shootout, but Paolo’s record still stands ten years later.

Champions League players

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The 2016 Champions League final was held at the San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy. The facility has a capacity of 80,018 if the fans of Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid have fully stood up, this presentation will not snatch the record top 10 also. The record of all time was determined by the incredible 1960 European Cup finals, as 127,621 people watched a match at Hampden Park, Glasgow.

Champions League kick

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