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Top 10 Best Insurance Companies in the World

Best Insurance Companies in the World
Written by Jamal Ahmad

Friends, all things are insured in the world, whether it is a car, a motorcycle, or a person himself. That’s why many insurance companies have opened up all over the world, so friends today we will talk about some best insurance companies in the world, where you can think of yourself and your family’s insurance.

1. AXA


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AXA is a very large insurance company, the company spreads to more than 55 countries around the world and is providing its facilities to more than 100 million subscribers. The headquarter of this company is a major presence in Paris and in North America, Africa, South and Central America, the Middle East and Europe. In India, this company has started Bharti AXA Life Insurance with Bharti Group. The main work of this company is life insurance, savings insurance, and property insurance etc.

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2. Allianz SE

Allianz SE

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Allianz Se Insurance Company was established in 1890 and offers many types of insurance policies. Allianz has opened its branches in more than 70 countries and many customers believe in its policy. Insurance products range from assets and incidence products to health and life insurance products for corporate and individual customer the largest financial services group and the largest company according to a composite measure by Forbs magazine.

3. Zurich Insurance Group

Zurich Insurance Group

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Zurich is Rank 3  in Best Insurance Companies in the World. Zurich Insurance was established in 1872, it is a Swiss company. This company has spread its business all over the world, but these companies have not yet come to the Indian market. This company has branches in more than 170 countries, and more than 55000 employees work in this company. This company has kept many plans including life insurance and farmer insurance.

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4. Japan Post Holding

Japan Post Holding

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Japan Post Holding is a government company which is in Japan. The name of the subsidiary of Japan Post Holding is Japan Post Insurance. This company offers many types of facilities to its customers. In addition to its sales offices, this company provides a good service to its customers by using the post office.

5. China Life Insurance

The name of China’s largest insurance company is China Life Insurance. This company was incorporated in 1949 for People’s Insurance Company of China (PICC). In 2003, it was named as China Life Insurance Company. China Life Insurance Company currently has 7 subsidiary companies and many life insurance plans, pension plans and many more products. This company has maintained a different trust in the middle of the customer. The headquarter of China Life Insurance Company is in Beijing.

6. Ping An Insurance

Ping An Insurance

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Ping An Insurance is quite famous around the world with its insurance policy. Ping An Insurance is a Chinese company, this company is also trying to lane its insurance policy in India. This company ensures the life before and after death.

7. Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway

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Berkshire Hathaway is providing its services throughout the world and has become a trusted company only after being listed in some major magazines and stock exchanges. Along with insurance, a wide business of the company is spread all over the world. But this company has not yet stepped up its move in the Indian market. Berkshire Hathaway is Rank 7  in Best Insurance Companies in the World.

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8. MetLife


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“Metropolitan Life Insurance Company” People know this company as MetLife. MetLife’s main office is in the United States. In India, the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company started its business in the form of ‘PNB MetLife Insurance’ with the help of Punjab National Bank. MetLife was founded in 1968 and today the company is providing its services to more than 90 million customers in more than 62 countries.

9. AIA


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AIA is Rank 9  in Best Insurance Companies in the World. The American International Assurance Company is known as “AIA”. This company is headquartered in Hong Kong, and AIA has made its business all over the world. In India, AIA has established “TATA AIG” with the Tata Group. This company has made a lot of customers all over the country.

10. Prudential


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Prudential insurance company was founded in 1848, and today has spread its insurance policy to the whole world. This company has more than 24 million customers in Asia. Prudential Insurance Company is a very popular company in countries like India, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines etc.


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