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Top 10 Best Tips to be successful in Job Interview

Written by Jamal Ahmad

Friends, today I will tell you some such things, which you probably know, but you never follow him in your interview, and your selection is not there. In these 10 best Tips To Be Successful In Job Interview and you will see the squeeze of my experience related to my interview. So let’s know what 10 things to focus on in order to be successful in the interview is essential.

1. Take full care of creating CV / Resume


The purpose of your CV should be to show to your potential employer why you are the best person for this job. Your CV itself is the first thing that goes in front of the interviewer.

You can say that this is your first The impression happens. If the interviewer does not like the CV good, or it shows childish mistakes, then his perception may be bad for you. And also keep in mind that your small things point to your big-grandchildren somewhere. If a person is inadmissible to make his CV, then there are many chances to do so in the job too, and the interviewer knows this well.

It is also important to make CV good because candidates are sorted out on the basis of first CV in most companies, and if you are sorted out here, the rest of the tips will remain kept. So do not miss this most important step.


I can not tell how to create a CV here, but surely I can share some important points which you should pay attention to:

  • Your CV should look professional.
  • Use bullet points instead of large-scale paragraphs, they inspire interviewer more to read CVs.
  • There should not be any spelling mistakes.
  • If CV can be created in two pages then do not force them into four pages.
  • Make a lot of changes in your CV according to different jobs.
  • Try to highlight the points that are related to this job.
  • After making the CV, read it with two or four people.

2. Give special attention to theoretical knowledge related to Job

Give equal importance to theoretical knowledge related to the job, I know some people who have a good knowledge of how practically they work, but they lack technical terms and theory, and because of this, Success was not found. You do not make such a mistake, and do not underestimate theoretical knowledge.

Interview should never take casually, this is a competition, you have to prove yourself better than others. And you can not do anything in any department. Therefore, pay any extra attention to theoretical knowledge related to the field you are going to give the interview.

I am not emphasizing the practical knowledge here because if you are a fresher then practical knowledge is not expected from you and if you are experienced then definitely you will have practical knowledge.

3. Keep yourself in the place of Employer

Think of what you would find in an ideal candidate if you were an interviewer. Try to understand the specific need of the job vacancy, and to meet those needs, you can showcase the qualities you want in the interview. On the other hand, you can also hide the qualities that do not fit for this job.

Normally an interviewer checks your confidence, subject knowledge and stability, the ability to work in the team, etc.
Many times this also happens that you are overqualified for some work, such as if the computer operator is working and any MCA is interviewing for that job, the employer will hesitate to select it, because in his job There will be less chance of survival.

So if your qualification is more according to the job, then it is better not to mention it.
Likewise, when you look at placing yourself in the employer, many things will come in your mind and you can prepare yourself accordingly.

4. Prepare the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) properly

Some questions are very common in job interviews, which are asked in almost every single interview. Prepare such questions well, as well as think about the questions that can be asked for you in return for your answer.
Frequently Asked Questions

Here I am giving a small list of such questions

  • Tell me about Yourself?
  • Do you want to ask any question? (This can be asked at the end of the Interview.)
  • Tell us about your current job, what is your role?
  • Why do you want to join this company?
  • Why is there a gap in your studies / job?
  • Why do you want to leave your current job?
  • What are your weaknesses / strengths?
  • Why should we select you?
  • Why did you choose this specialization?
  • Why are your marks very low in XYZ exam?
  • What is your biggest achievement till date?
  • Preparing for questions does not mean that they will be crushed. This is because your mental clarity remains.
  • An outline of questions in the questions should be ready in your mind, and at the time of the interview, he should be ready to speak in his own words.

5. Run a complete interview process in Mind several times

interview process

Source: Creative Common Images

Whenever I have to give an interview, before that I run the entire interview of 4-5 times in my mind. And this is very detailed. In this, I think about the smallest thing till the end of the morning, till the end of the interview. By doing so, mind becomes totally clear about many things. Like when to pick up, what to revise, what to wear, how to go, how long to reach, what to go, how to keep gesture, how to introduce yourself, etc.

6. Mock & Mirror Practice

Mock & Mirror Practice

If you do not have much experience in giving interview, you must also give Mock Interviews. To conduct an interview, you can request a friend or a senior who can give you a right feedback. Make this activity very seriously, this can teach you a lot. Because often we do not see those mistakes we make, but they can easily point out those things easily.

Keep in mind that while there is no confidence in you from this activity. Here, the interviewer has to show that he will also tell you your improvement areas and also increase your confidence. If you feel that you can lose confidence with this activity then do not do it. Instead place yourself in front of the mirror and give your interview, and if you like, then record it in your mobile too. When you hear your answers, you will be seen some of your own improvement areas.

7. Note on Non-Verbal Communication

The way we communicate, we reach the front, in two ways. Verbally and Non-Verbally. Verbally, that is what we speak, or write, and non-verbally the other things, how we speak, in what tone, our way of sitting, eye contact, even our dressing sense According to different research, only 20% of our total communication is verbal and 80% non-verbal.

So it is very important to pay attention to this 80%. While interacting with the interviewer you have to pay attention to a few things:

You see that you are genuinely interested in this job. You can do this by dressing up well, reaching the venue from time to time. Your voice should not be dull, it is very important to show enthusiasm and confidence.  A smile is necessary for the first time you meet.

8. Do not answer contradictory answers

Interviewers can ask for your honesty, or just ask some of those questions which are related to each other. Or suppose you have written your hobby Playing Cricket in the CV, and if you say Playing Chess in the interview, then certainly the interviewer will doubt you.

Speaking the truth in the interview itself is right, but if you have spoken a lot in excitement or nervousness, then stand on that answer, and do not contradict it during the entire interview.

9. Interview the language in which it is comfortable

If you are proficient in talking both English and Hindi, you can skip this point but if you are not comfortable in English then you can be an important point.

If you see today, most job interviews are in English, but in many places where there may be interviews in Hindi, people also try to give an interview in English. Look, it is better to speak the wrong English, say the correct Hindi.

10. Thinking that the selection is good, otherwise it will be better than this

Do not be too over conscious to be selected in the interview. Even if you are not selected, the world will not be here again, in fact After a few months you may not even remember that you had appeared in such an interview. Those with positive attitude assume that whatever happens is good.

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