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Top 10 facts about Narendra Modi. In this case the first Prime Minister.

Narendra Modi
Written by Jamal Ahmad

May be you do not know some of the top 10 important information about Narendra Modi. So friends, today we are going to tell you some interesting stories about our country’s Prime Minister “Narendra Modi”. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s name is ringing in the whole world today. His personality is such that everybody wants to know about them, wants to take away even small things in their life. Born in the small village of Gujarat, who had thought about Narendra Damodardas Modi, he would one day meet the whole world not only on the whole world. Modi’s life was quite fluctuating, but even after facing many difficulties Narendra Modi did not give up.

Fact No: 10

narendra modiAccording to astrology, Narendra Modi’s horoscope is largely met with Bal Gangadhar Tilak. “Modi is the first prime minister born after Independence”. In his childhood, Modi had taken the crocodile from the nearby pond and took him home. Later, after leaving the mother’s say, she came back. Modi did not take a single break during the 13-year rule of Gujarat.

Fact No: 09

The glasses that Narendra Modi imposes, they are of the bulgari of the brand, and Bulgaria is the brand of Italy. Bulgari’s main job is to make Jewelry but now the company has jumped in watches, perfumes and hotel business too. The price of these glasses is 30 to 40 thousand rupees.

narendra modiFact No: 08

Narendra Modi’s clothes are stitched at Bipin and Jindendra Chauhan’s shop. This is not a small shop, but the two of them are Jade Blue, one and a half million companies in Ahmedabad. This is what Narendra Modi’s clothes have been doing since 1989. Modi himself selects his suit’s fabric, color and design.

Fact No: 07

Narendra Modi was born in Vadnagar, a small village in Gujarat. Even though this village is small, but it has a historical background. Chinese scholar Juan Seng, who came to India during the seventh century, also praised Wadden and his background. Narendra Modi had six siblings in which he was at number three. The condition of the house was not correct and for this, his father had to sell the tea at the Wadkar railway station. Narendra Modi also used to help in this and in the train he sold tea. Yes, we are telling you the story of the same tea-house about which the news reached abroad that a tea party became the Prime Minister of India. The leaders of the opposition parties also made fun of Modi, but after the success of Modi and the good policies, the discussion on tea and tea began to begin.

narendra modi

Fact No: 06

Normally, like ours, we have the same name as Narendra Modi too. In childhood, everybody called Narendra Modi as “Nariya”. Although he used to feel bad about this name but he never reversed anything. Because they were of very tranquil nature. It is said that the mother of Narendra Modi still loves her as Nariya.

Fact No: 05

Narendra Modi was average in studies, however, he appreciated the degree of debate from teachers to his friends. Narendra Modi was very much interested in acting and that is why he also joined the theater. Many of his photographs are witnesses that he used to be very interested in theater and drama. But due to any reason, Modi could not do the theater.

Fact No: 04

After school education, there was a desire to become a sannyasin in the heart of Narendra Modi. He ran away from home in this affair and during this time he visited many other places besides the Ramkrishna Ashram of West Bengal. During this, belief in their spiritual and logic increased.

Fact No: 03

In his childhood, Narendra Modi was extremely mischievous, but he was also very kind. If anyone sees them in trouble, they will immediately reach for help. Once in the ‘mind talk’ program, Modi also disclosed how in childhood the clarineters used to seduce their attention by giving lacquers to tamarind.

jasoda ben

Fact No: 02

Modi is a vegetarian and never cigarettes, alcohol is never used. People have often been joking about that Modi calls himself poor, while this is true. Not only did Modi’s father sell tea, but his mother also had to go to the people’s homes and clean the utensils.

Fact No: 01

In childhood, Narendra Modi’s engagement was decided by Jashodaben, who lived in the neighborhood, but was fierce to serve the country on Modi. He wanted to fulfill his dream of serving the country without obstructing the responsibility of the house. He rejected that marriage and left home as well.

Jashoda Ben told in a conversation that, he has no objection to the fact that Narendra Modi left him, but he is proud that Narendra Modi gave up his marriage for nation service.


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