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Top 10 Facts about Usain Bolt

Written by Jamal Ahmad

Friends, today we will tell you Facts about Usain Bolt. Running behind success seems to be good, but we should not be surprised to hear that if a new dimension of success is run by running, then we should not be surprised. Yes, there is a person in the world whose speed is faster than Leopard’s move, and who has won the gold medal in the Olympics three times, which has a record in itself and the name of that person – Usain Bolt Usain Bolt Usain Bolt himself has said, “You have learned to love what you liked to do. This love and affection for your work will one day make you an uncrowned king of that area, which means that you think about what you want to do and think of doing it”

FACT: 10

Usain Bolt’s full name is Usain St Leo Bolt, people who love him in the media are also called “Lightning Bolt” Usain Bolt was born on August 21, 1986.

FACT: 09


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Usain Bolt was born in Jamaica. Now if the Indian is fond of cricket, then he must have heard this name. Jamaica is the famous island of West Indies from where the world’s fastest bowler Michael Holding and Courtney Walsh Jamaica has glossed it in the map of the entire world, you and I also familiar with Chris Gayle’s deadly batting, which also comes from Jamaica.

FACT: 08

Usain Bolt

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Usain Bolt’s Mother’s name is Jennifer Bolt, and the Father’s name is Wellesley Bolt, and her name is Sister Sherine Bolt. Usain Bolt is rich in his wonderful talent since childhood, while referring to this, his father says, “Usain Bolt was only 3 weeks old, then his mother passed him on a bed and walked away with some work, and then walking along the bare shores of the Usain Bolt They had come and been trying to avoid falling, seeing that at such a young age such maturity shows their unique talent.

FACT: 07

Usain Bolt

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Usain Bolt’s parents run their own shop in the village, Usain Bolt hands out the work of his parent’s shop and not only Usain Bolt likes to stay in the village along with his family. Usain Bolt There was so much love in the play that playing so much was lost that everything was forgotten that Bolt used to spend time playing cricket and football in the street with his brother

FACT: 06

Usain Bolt

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Bolt loved to Play, referring to it, “When Usain was young, He could not really think of anyone other than play”. This love towards his play made him the uncrowned king of the fastest runner in the world. They had given Wayne Bolt as a cricket bowler at the beginning of life and his favorite player was Waqar Younis but later became known as the runner

FACT: 05

At the age of 12, he ran his School National Primary competition and identified his talents and became the fastest runner of his school by winning the 100m race contest

FACT: 04

Usain Bolt

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Bolt’s muscles had come in 2004, despite which he was made part of the Jamaican team for the Athens Olympic Games, which had already been lost in the 200m race in the round, But Bolt is still not ready to give up, he is still ready to make a record.

FACT: 03

Usain Bolt with obama

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Usain Bolt has set a world record by winning the 2008 Beijing Olympics, London Olympic 2012 and gold medal at the Rio Olympics in 2016, which is the record of any athlete breaking his own record Bolt has completed just 9.58 seconds in a 100-meter race, which is a world record.

FACT: 02

Usain Bolt dancing

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Usain Bolt’s best performance is 9.58 seconds in 100m, 19.19 seconds in 200m, and 45.28 seconds in 400m, which is a world record in itself

FACT: 01

After the gold medal in 2016, Usain Bolt said that he is only one step away from being immortal. Yusuan Bolt believes that victory is not achieved by thinking, it is achieved by doing something.


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