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Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher Students

Written by Jamal Ahmad

Guys, let’s know about some of the questions that you can be asked in any interview. Today we will tell you about the “top 10” such interview questions, which you can be asked in almost every interview.

Interview Questions


Question Number :01

Tell me something about yourself ?


Answer: Good morning and Thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself. I am Natrajan Acharya from Delhi. I have done my B.Tech in Computer science from Delhi University. I have done my internship/project with TCS, Banglore for 6 months.

Where I learnt various technical & non-technical skills. At TCS, I worked practically on different technologies like Unix, Java & mySQL. My hobbies are playing cricket , tennis and carom. I like to watch movies on holidays/weekends.

Question Number :02

Why did you select an Engineering ?

Answer: I love engineering because engineers create things that really matter. For example, all the doctors depend on the X-ray machines which are designed by the engineers.
Apart from this, there are a lot of job opportunities available in the market. Which helps ensure that I’ll be able to help my family financially after graduation.

Question Number :03

What are your strengths and Weakness ?

Strengths –: I am adaptive in any environment, and I am a person of positive attitude, hardworking, dedicated.
Weakness –: I am a person, who over things before doing any task because I want to do everything perfectly.

Question Number :04

Why should we hire you ?

hire you
Answer: I feel there are four reasons why you should hire me.
One, I am very aggressive & focused person who likes to overcome challenges.
Second, I am looking for long-term career with your organization.
Third, I am a team player with good knowledge on sales management.
Fourth, I feel that the role and exposure to knowledge which your company will provide me is totally inline with my expectations and interest.

Question Number :05

Where do you see yourself five year from now ?

Answer: So after 5 year I see myself as becoming more skilled, more efficient and more professional, better person and at higher position in the company that would never lose me at any cost.

Question Number :06

What do you think about money ?


Answer: Money comes second to knowledge. It is never a priority for me. As, I am the only earning member of my family. I need a decent package that can help me save 15000 Rs. Every month for future expenses.

Question Number :07

Would you lie for the company ?

Answer: No, I won’t. It is against my personal ethics. Plus, I think that there is always better way rather than lying which never guarantees a repeat business.
People who lie has to suffer at the end. For example: Satyam scandal, Vijay Malya etc.

Question Number :08

How long would you expect to work for us if hired ?

Answer: Sir, I will continue to work as long as I am adding value to my organization and my organization is adding value to my career.

Question Number :09

Why do you want to work at our company ?

Answer: Because I know this company will help me to enhance my skills and gain more knowledge in the industry. I am a fresh graduate and I’m looking forward for an experience. An experience where I can improve myself better for the future. If you are going to give a chance to work with you I will do my best. My sincerity and loyalty will be the sign of committing my self to this company.

Question Number :10

Do you have any question for me ?

AnswerSir, Thank you for the interview that you have done to me I would like to pose 2 questions. What was the secret behind your success in getting this job? And secondly what are the field that I had to improve and build my career?

So friends, if you are going to give interviews, then make sure to prepare these top 10 questions once.

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