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Top 10 Most Dangerous Buildings in the World

Most Dangerous Buildings in the World
Written by Jamal Ahmad

Friends are one thing more than one in the world. No matter how much we know about this world. Only then do we bring something different for you, so that your knowledge will increase day by day. Friends, today we will talk about “Most Dangerous Buildings in the World Where People Are Still Living”.

10. Castellfollit de la Roca

Castellfollit de la Roca

Castellfollit de la Roca which is located in the province of Girona, Spain has become famous as the terrifying village. Because all the houses in this village were built at a thin edge line of the hill. About 1000 years ago, due to the eruption of a nearby volcano. That entire hill was broken and a thin line remained. Even now the lava keeps flowing under the earth there. Do not know why so many houses were built at such place on that thin hill. While the people live there without any fear even now, many people are even scared to visit the place.

9. Solvay Hut

Solvay Hut

On the snow mountains near Zermatt town located in Matterhorn mountain ranges. The Solvay hut which is located at the height of about 13,000 feet height is attracting everyone. Because this house has been built at such a height on the slope of the mountain and looks terrifying. In 1915, Ernest Solvay, a mountaineer, inventor, and businessman from Belgium, built this in just 5 days it seems. While he was climbing up that snow mountain, to be safe at when the avalanche occurs. He built this tiny hut perched right on the narrow the ridge of the mountain it seems. Later, this hut was owned by the Swiss Alpine Club. In 1966, they rebuilt it as the house with 10 beds. Since then the house has become a hotel for the Mountaineers.

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8.Meteora monasteries

Meteora monasteries

On the Meteora is a rock formation located near Kalambaka in Central Greece. Centuries ago, monasteries were built by few monks there. In those days, to escape from Turkey army. They built most dangerous and terrifying buildings it seems. Earlier, there were two ways to reach that place it seems. One is climbing up that mountain using a rope. The second is, if a person sits in a tub, a monk who is there at the top pulls it up. So in those days, no common people lived in those buildings other than the monks who were there. In 1920, UNESCO included this place in the World Heritage List and laid several routes to reach the place. After entering those buildings which were built on the edge of the mountain, everyone will get scared. Said the people who visited the place.

7. Xuan Kong Temple

Xuan Kong Temple

Xuan Kong Temple which was built into a cliff at 75 meters above the ground near Mount Heng located near Datong City in China about 1500 years ago. It has been attracting the entire world. Earlier, the floods used to occur often in this place it seems. To escape from them and for the Buddhists to do works peacefully. A monk named Liao Ran built this temple it seems. Even though this entire structure is in the middle of the mountain. As it was built at the edges using some iron poles. It looks very terrifying. Except the brave, the common people will get scared even to enter this temple it seems. This Xuan Kong Temple looks like it is hanging in the middle of the mountain. So it also called the hanging temple.

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6. Runwell Road 

Runwell Road

This is not a house that built either on mountains or in the middle of the mountain. Just like common houses, it is a normal building constructed beside the road. The accidents which take place in that area are the reason which made this house join the list of most terrible buildings. Said the members of Pinnock family. Pinnock family built a house beside A132 Highway near Runwell in Essex County, Britain and living in that. Many vehicles which move on the road in front their house are meeting with the accidents it seems. In last 5 years, about 60 car accidents took place in front of that house it seems. In many situations, the cars which met with the accident rolled over and landed in the garden at their house it seems. With that, the family members living in that house are spending the days in fear. They requested the government to take the necessary precautions to avoid the accidents by reducing the speed in that area. As per their request, even after the speed limit was reduced there. Still, the accident is taking place.

5. Lichtenstein Castle

Lichtenstein Castle

Lichtenstein Castle which was built in the mountain called the Swabian Jura of southern Germany acquired fame as the beautiful terrifying building. Because it was built in 1840 at the edge of the mountain in a height of 1600 feet above the ground level. As the walls of this building were built exactly based on the edges of the mountain. The people who see will get afraid. Even though this building has become a tourist attraction now. The people will get afraid to enter that building it seems.

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4. Pink House

Pink House

There will be none who do not know about New York City in America. Due to some political issues that took place during the construction of public housing called Louis H. Pink Houses. Located in this city which has high security and strongest and tallest buildings. There was lack of maintenance completely. With that, these became dilapidated buildings. As those buildings became dark hallways. They became hubs for the criminals and drug suppliers. Due to these reasons, the common people are even afraid to go nearby these Pink Houses.

3. The Leaning Tower of Santos

The Leaning Tower of Santos

The building located in Santos city, Brazil which is very famous for beautiful beaches, is now attracting the world. The real estate giants of that city have built huge building near the beach of that city in 1940 to have a beautiful view of the sea. As the foundation was not laid strongly for those apartments during the construction. Now those building leaned to one side. As there is no other option, the people living in them are spending life in fear. As these buildings are leaned to one side. They got the name ‘The Leaning Tower of Santos’.

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2. Korowai Tree House

 Korowai Tree House

The members of Korowai tribe has been living in some remote islands of Indonesia. The rainforest which is located in these islands of Papua Province is famous for the cruel animal and deadly living creatures. Korowai tribe people who live there did not even allow the outsiders to their place until 1970’s. In 1974, the researchers who visited that place to study the food habits of that tribe and their lifestyle were shocked looking at their houses. Because not a general way in which the tribal people build. There they built their houses on the tallest trees using the bamboos. As these houses were at the height of 30 meters above the ground level and construction was very terrible. The common people will get scared to go there.

1. Phoenix Houses

Phoenix Houses

The Hawaiian Island can be said to be one of the most tourist attractive places in the world. While there are 5 volcanoes located on these Islands. As three of them are active still, Lava keeps flowing out from them always. One of those volcanoes is one of the biggest in the world. Phoenix Houses which is located 4 miles away from Mauna Loa volcano became famous as the most dangerous and terrifying house in the world. In a tremendous volcano eruption occurred in 1986. Kalapana town which is located nearby has turned into ashes. Exactly at that place, few people built houses on the solidified lava fields, named them Phoenix House and living in them. Not only that, they also give houses for rent to the tourists who visit that place it seems. But very few people dare to go very near to the death.
So, people These are “10 most dangerous buildings in the World” where the people still live.

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