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Top 10 Most Expensive Fishes in the world

Written by Jamal Ahmad

Among the most beautiful creatures living on this earth, the fishes will be in the first row. The most attractive fishes which are available in various colors and strange shapes. Most of us would like to have them in the aquariums. For such people, even though there are so many varieties of fishes were available in the market. We will be surprised listening to the price of few fishes among them. Let’s talk about 10 most expensive fishes in the world.

10. Wrought Iron Butterfly Fish

Wrought Iron Butterfly Fish

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This fish which is found only in the western Pacific ocean near Japan is also called as Chaetodon Daedalma. This fish which belong to species of butterflyfish cannot be found anywhere in the world other than Japan. As they are very active swimmers and swims in various forms. Their price ranges between $3,000-4,000.



Source: Creative Common Images

These fishes are one of the rarest species of fishes. These fishes which are found in limited number can found only in Australia. To buy this attractive fish with strange shape and beautiful colors. Their price ranges between $4,000-5,000.


Arowana fish species which belong to Asia has a huge demand across the world. The richest people would like to grow this Nami Green Arowana Fish in their aquariums. Because this fish is found only near Pedu Lake in Malaysia. As they look beautiful in sea green color. In addition, as they are one of the ancient species of fishes. It costs up to $6000.


This Neptune Groupers which belongs to scariest Grouper species look very beautiful than other. These fishes are found mostly in the depths near the islands located in Asian countries such as Malasia, Japan, and Indonesia. Available in orange and yellow when they are small, As this fish which turns into pink yellow color after growing big is found very rarely. As it is very difficult to catch them because they live in depths. In our currency, the value of this Neptune grouper will be between $6000-6500.


The price of this tiny fish which is found near the islands located in the Central Pacific Ocean very high in the international market.The costs of this Fish above $7692. The body of this fish glitters in golden yellow color. This fish not only most beautiful, As they are very limited in number. It has become little difficult to catch them. So they cost so much, said the people at the aquarium fish market.



Even this tiny fish which is found only in the depths of Caribbean islands costs a whopping price. In the international market, it costs up to $10,000. The main reason behind its incredible price is, they are very less in number. It is very difficult to catch them as they live in depths of Caribbean Islands. Especially with a sharp and long blade on its body, As it looks most beautiful. That is why it has been priced so much in the international market.


For this fish which is found near the coral reefs in the Hawaiian Islands. And found rarely at a depth range of 25m-17m. many aquarium fish compete for these fishes. Because its nose and head are in black color and some part of its tail is in black color. The remaining body is in white color. It is very beautiful with black and white combination. As they are very attractive and it is very dangerous to catch them. In the international market, it costs $20,000.


Peppermint Angelfish which belongs to Angelfish species attracts anyone immediately. With red and white vertical lines and little yellow color at the face and other parts of it. This fish which looks like an angel among all the fishes has a huge demand in the international market. As they live in the depths of the ocean and also became one of the extinct fish species. Their price up to $30,000 all at once. As only one Peppermint Angelfish was found in the year 2012. This has been joined the list of the extinct fish species.


This Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray which is found only at Xingu River in Brazil. It is also called as the Xingu River ray, White-Blotched River Stingray. Now, as this stingray species almost went extinct. It is seen very rarely even in Xingu River. So Polka Dot Stingray has been grown genetically, And also changed their body into a heart shape. So the price of this Stingray in the international market is $1,00,000. It costs so much and if anything goes wrong in maintaining it, As there is a chance that they would die immediately. This is with very few people across the world.


Platinum Arowana fish is said to be the rarest one of Arowana fish species. This fish which is in perfect white color has got that color due to the genetic mutation it seems. In Asian countries, as there is a belief that the good things will happen if they grow the fish of Arowana species at home. As they have great belief that growing this Platinum Arowana fish which is in white color will bring prosperity to that home. The price of this skyrocketed all at once. The price of Platinum Arowana fish up to $4000000. By inserting a kind of microchip in this fish. It will be known whether it is original or not, said the people who sell them. These fishes are mostly bought by the richest of China and Japan.

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