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Top 10 Richest Countries in the World according to the list of 2018

Top 10 Richest Countries in the World
Written by Jamal Ahmad

Friends, today we will tell you about Top 10 Richest Countries in the World according to the list of 2018.  The Emirati or poverty of any country is known to know what is the capita income (per capita income) of that country. So that he could fulfill all his needs. Well, people believe that America is the world’s richest country with a per capita income of 54,630 dollars (35 lakhs) but there are some countries that are also rich in the US per capita income. According to this, the per capita income of the highest-paid country is more than $ 143,532 (95 million). At the same time, the capital income of Indians is approximately 87 thousand rupees. In this case, people of this country earn 110 times more earnings than Indians. So let’s know the world’s 10 richest countries.

10. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia has a huge reservoir of petroleum products. The fifth part of the world’s total reserve petroleum products is the name of this country. The per capita income here is $ 51,924 (32 million). The land here is mainly sandy and there is very little rainfall here. This country is the state of a tropical desert. Only 1% of the country’s land is eligible for agriculture.

9. USA


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It is 9th in the list of rich countries. The United States is definitely on the list of rich countries. It is one of the top financial countries worldwide with the largest manufacturers. The people’s per capita income is $ 54,630 (Rs 35 lakh). America is known for its rich exports including the finest technology, weapons and many other services and products.



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Switzerland is the world’s 8th richest country among the most beautiful countries in the world. The people’s per capita income is $ 58,731 (Rs 39 lakh). The most prominent means of its economy are banking sector. Apart from this, tourism, agriculture, and consolidation have made Switzerland a major contributor in increasing their income. This country is also a leading manufacturer and exporter of watches. The people here earn about 45 times more than the Indians.

7. Norway


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Norway is the seventh richest country in the world. There are five million people in this country. Capita income is $ 64,856 (Rs 43 lakh) on the people here. The economies of this country depend on natural gas and oil. It is also included in the world’s safest countries. The people here earn 51 times more than the Indians.

6. The United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates

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The per capita income of the United Arab Emirates is approximately 67,674 dollars (44 lakh 40 thousand rupees). The main means of its economy is oil. Apart from this, service sector, telecommunication, and fish, dates are also very important for the economy here. People here earn 55 times more than the Indians.

5. Brunei


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Brunei is the world’s fifth richest country. The per capita income here is 72,370 dollars (48 lakhs 29 thousand rupees). The main source of its economy is crude oil and natural gas. The country with less than 5 lakh population is also counted among the least populous countries. The people here earn 56 times more than the Indians.

4. Kuwait


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Kuwait is the world’s fourth richest country. This country is very small and has succeeded in bringing better employment and rich standards with its small population. The per capita income here is $ 73,914 (500 million rupees). The main reason for its economy is Petroleum and Export Revenue. The people here earn 58 times more than the Indians.

3. Singapore


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Singapore is the world’s third richest country with a revenue of 56 lakh rupees 86 thousand (85,198 dollars) per person. The financial services sector, the Chemical Export Industry and the Liberal Economy Policy, are behind the economy here. The people here earn 65 times more than the Indians. This country is one of the four countries with the largest economic centers. Most people of this country with 5.5 million populations believe in Buddhism.

2. Luxembourg


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Luxembourg is Europe’s richest country. This is called a ‘tax haven’ meaning heaven too. Because of this, many billionaires of the world left their countries here, so that they could avoid the taxes of their countries. The per capita income here is 93,174 dollars (62 lakhs 18 thousand rupees). The backbone of its strong economy is the financial sector, the industry, and the steel sector. The people here earn more than 71 times more than the Indians.

1. Qatar


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Qatar is number one in the world’s 10 richest countries. The per capita income here is about 95 lakh 79 thousand rupees (143,532 dollars). Its main source of income is Petroleum and Liquefied Natural Gas, which earns from 70 percent Government Revenue and 85 percent exports. Qatar also earns a lot of money from tourism and banking.


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