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Top 10 Shocking Facts About Russia

Facts About Russia
Written by Jamal Ahmad

Friends, as always, we are again present, taking something new and exciting for you. Friends, today we will talk about “Top 10 Shocking Facts about Russia”. Which you hardly ever read before today. So let’s start.

Fact Number 10

Map of Russia

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Most of us know that Russia the country which has the largest land area in the world. Well, how many of you know that its surface area is more than that of a planet? Russia has a surface area of 1,70,90,000 square kilometers. Means, while it is about 17 million sq.kms. The surface area of Pluto planet is just 16,650 million square kilometers it seems.

Fact Number 9

Russian Alcohol

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Russians like the alcohol. They show much interest to drink alcohol often it seems. So in Russia, an average person consumes at least 18 liters per year. Until 2013, there the people did not consider the beverages which have alcohol content less than 10 percent as alcohol. So until 2013, the beers were considered as the soft drinks there. Due to these reasons, in that country every year, about 5 lakh people have been died due to the diseases caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

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Fact Number 8

Russian crude oil

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Among the countries which are the largest crude oil suppliers in the world. The countries which can be remembered immediately are Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia and Dubai. But the fact not known to many people is, Russia is in 2nd position among the countries which are the largest suppliers of crude oil.

Fact Number  7

Russian  space researches

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In the space researches. Russia is in leading position in the world. Keeping the future needs in mind. Russia started the space research programs in a first among everyone in the world. 4th October 1957, it has launched Sputnik 1 satellite successfully into space. Not only that, Russia also acquired the credit as it was the first to send a man into space. On 12th April 1961, Yuri Gagarin traveled into space.

Fact Number 6

Lake Baikal Russia

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The world’s deepest lake is located in Russia. That is called as Lake Baikal. While this is in the 1st position among the deepest lakes in the world. With a surface area of 31,500 sq.kms. It became the 6th largest lake in the world.

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Fact Number 5

Russian Currency

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In Russia which is strong financially, the number of richest is also high. In that country, the value of total official wealth of the top 20 richest persons is about 300 billion dollars. This amount is more than the GDP of the countries such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Fact Number 4

Russian pet dog breeds

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We know that the present pet dog breeds at our home came from the wolves and the forest dogs. The Institute of Cytology and Genetics in Russia has been working on forest foxes for almost 50 years. Due to these studies, we can also domesticate the foxes just like the dogs at home. They are saying that within two years, not just as a hunting animal in the forest. Foxes are going to change into the pet animals at home.

Fact Number 3

Russian Nuclear Bomb

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America which is continuing as a leader in the world has many secrets hidden with it. Especially, by performing a big research on the nuclear bombs. It has acquired the latest technology. Nobody can leak out such information. Because the security force of America is so much strong. In the 1940s, Russian spy George Koval had stolen the entire information about the technology of nuclear bomb which is developed by America. Sent it to Russia very secretly, He played a crucial role for that country in developing the nuclear bombs in its own country. Until 2002, the world does not know that George Koval was a spy.

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Fact Number 2

Russian Girls Enjoying

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Now Russia is facing a shortage of men. According to the latest surveys, In that country, there are 9 million more women than men. For this, mainly two reasons can be seen. One is- in the World War II, a huge number of men were dead. Second in- men of the current generation have been addicted to alcohol. And they have been died due to the diseases caused by alcohol consumption. The average life expectancy for Russian men is only age 55. Due to these reasons, the number of women has increased more than men there. In Russia which is the home for the beauties, As there are no sufficient men for the girls who are ready for their marriage. If any of you have the interest, visit Russia once.

Fact Number 1

Russian Military

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In any country, due to the security of that country and the other reasons. Either in a region or village, the government of that country performs few secret activities. So those regions are not only kept highly confidential, they do not even allow the common people to that place. But in Russia, not just one or two, there are 15 confidential cities. In those cities, they are doing most confidential activities of Russia and preserving the nuclear bombs. So nobody knows the information about those cities and those place were not even added to the maps. Those 15 cities are totally under the control of the military. They will kill anyone who visits those places within few moments.


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