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Top 10 some unknown facts about Mahendra Singh Dhoni

facts about ms dhoni
Written by Jamal Ahmad

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the most successful captain of Indian cricket history. Because of his hard work and passion, today he rules on everyone’s hearts.

At the same time, their game also got refined. And after one, the records went on registering on their names. Dhoni is also active in his game as well as in family life.

Fact 1:


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Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s name was linked to many high profile actresses. But he got married on July 4, 2010 in Dehradun. There is also a daughter of Dhoni and Sakshi, whose name is Jiva.

Fact 2:

ms dhoni

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MS Dhoni got the first job as a ticket collector in Indian Railways. After that he started working as Air India. After this, he became an official in N Srinivasan’s company India Cements.

Fact 3:

ms dhoni

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Let us tell you that Dhoni is the world’s only wicket-keeper who has stumped 100 or more in one-day cricket. The former India captain has so far made 102 stumpings in 303 matches. Dhoni will see this glow as long as he looks behind the wicket on the ground.

Fact 4:


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Dhoni’s first love is playing football. He was a goalkeeper in his school team. His love for football has remained intact. He is also the owner of the Chennaiyin FC team in the Indian Super League. After football he liked badminton too.

Fact 5:

Harley Davidson

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Dhoni has 23 bikes. From Harley Davidson to Ducati The latest in this collection is the Confederate X13 Helkat Bike. These bikes are all alone in South-East Asia. In cars they have Hummer H2, Audi Q7.

They just do not do their collection, they can often be seen riding in Ranchi. Only the cars are not his favorites, his two pet dogs Labrador ‘Zara’ and the photos of the Albanian ‘Sam’ are tweeted several times.

Fact 6:

Helicopter shot -This shot is the name of Dhoni only. They only invented it. They hit the ball falling near the foot, turning their bat like a helicopter’s wings. He explains that he is coming to play this shot from the early stages of his cricket. Although they say that this shot looks as easy, it is not so much. If there is a mistake, a foot or a paw may hurt.

Fact 7:

Sourav Ganguly

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He broke many records in his cricket career. He won 22 Test matches to be named the most successful captain of India, above Sourav Ganguly. Sourav also described him as India’s most successful captain. He is India’s most successful captain in the ODIs.

Fact 8:

Shahrukh Khan

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They are currently advertising 20 big brands. This includes Reebok, Pepsi products. He is the most ad celebrity after Shahrukh Khan. Shahrukh has 21 brands.

Fact 9:

One of the highest personal income tax payers- For the last two years, they are the biggest income tax payers of Jharkhand state and one of the leading people of the country. In 2013, he paid Rs 12 crore as income tax. Six million in September and 6 crore in December.

Fact 10:

ms dhoni

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The highest paid cricketer in the world- Forbes Magazine has named Dhoni as the richest cricketer in 2012. In the case of Richest person, he was ranked 31st among the world’s top 100 athletes.

England’s footballer Rooney, athlete Usain Bolt, ahead of tennis star Novak jokovic. Sachin’s position was 78th in this list. In 2013, the same magazine gave Dhoni 16th place in the list. His annual earnings were Rs 190 crores.


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