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Top 10 Sridevi’s Some Memorable Things

Sridevi's Some Memorable Things
Written by Jamal Ahmad

Come on, friends are talking about Bollywood’s famous actress Sridevi, friends will be sad to know that the evergreen actress Sridevi is no longer in our midst and today I’m going to tell Sridevi’s some memorable things. But the work done by them will always be remembered. He has done a lot of entertainment in the film industry through his films. Sridevi has won 5 Filmfare Awards for Best Actress. In 2013, the Government of India awarded him the fourth highest civilian award to Padma Shri.

Fact 1

Sridevi with Boney Kapoor and amar singh
Boney Kapoor was the first to propose Sridevi because he was mad in the love of Sridevi while Sridevi did not give him emotion. But Bonnie did not give up. He took a surprise move to stay close to Sridevi.

Fact 2

Sridevi with Boney Kapoor
Boney Kapoor was so crazy in the love of Sridevi that Sridevi’s mother got ready to pay even more fees than he had asked for. They did all this so that they could spend time with Sridevi. But the problems of Bonnie did not end here.

Fact 3

mithun with akshay and ritesh deshmukh
The stories of Sridevi and Mithun were also full of stories. Mithun suspected that Sridevi is cheating on him. To reassure Mithun, Sridevi had tied Rakhi to Bonnie. But Mithun was already married and he was not ready to leave his wife. So Sridevi took control of Bonnie.

Fact 4

Bollywood’s first superstar actress Sridevi passed away at the age of 54. she took his last breath in Dubai Sridevi went to Dubai along with her husband Bonnie Kapoor and younger daughter Khushi Kapoor to attend a family wedding in Dubai. Listening to the news of Sridevi’s death, the entire Bollywood is in shock. According to information from the people of Sridevi’s family, the body of Sridevi will be brought to Mumbai for the funeral.

Fact 5

Sridevi has been a major contributor to the Hindi film industry. Apart from Hindi, Sridevi also worked in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam films. Mom was his last film. Sridevi was awarded the Padma Shri in 2013.

Fact 6

Sridevi in saree
In 1967, he started acting with Thirumagham’s film Thunaiven, when he was only 4 years old. In Bollywood, he started as a child actor in the hit movie ‘Julie’ in 1975. In 1979, as the main actress in Hindi films, she came in the film ‘Solvan Sawan’ but she got the recognition from the 1983 film Himmatwala.

Fact 7

Sridevi with madhuri
When Sridevi started in Bollywood, she was not comfortable speaking in Hindi, so her voice was mostly dubbed by Nazaj. Apart from this, the film was dubbed by the line ‘Aakhri Rasta’.  Sridevi dubbed for the first time his dialogue in the movie ‘Chandni’.

Fact 8

Sridevi with her daughter
Sridevi has two daughters, whose names are Jahnavi and Khushi. The same name was also of the heroines of her husband Bonnie Kapoor’s film ‘Judayi’ (1997) and ‘Hamara Dil Apke Paas Hai’ (2000). Sridevi always stood on the balcony with her daughter Jahnavi, when Bonnie Kapoor used to go to work.

Fact 9

Salman Khan
Sridevi was very interested in painting. In March 2010, his paintings were sold by an International Art Auction House and donated to the amount received from it. Sridevi’s artworks include Salman Khan and Manish Malhotra whose pictures are made of Sridevi’s paintings on the walls of his house.

Fact 10

Sridevi ramp walk
Sridevi was considered to be one of the best dancers in Bollywood. It is said that only because of his popularity and popularity of dance, people knew about his films. Sridevi was one of the highest-paid actresses of Bollywood. She was the only actress who used to take one crore per film in the 90’s.


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